How much does it cost to get a mailing list?

Posted by Rene Bonin on Jul 6, 2018 1:00:47 PM

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The cost of a mailing list depends on the type of list you purchase. An Occupant List starts at about $12.00 per thousand records. A Consumer List starts at $33.66 per thousand and a Business List will run about $45.00 per thousand records.

Mail lists make the most sense if you are trying to target a particular demographic group, based on household income, purchase history, gender, etc.  Be aware that the more you mine the data, the more expensive the per record cost becomes. The upside of mining is that your purchased list of names may be much smaller and the propensity for those individuals to purchase your product or service is much higher. As an example, if you were a Dog Groomer sending Direct Mail to 1000 households at 5¢ a record ($50), that might sound like a good investment.  But if you mined that same data for 10¢ per record for dog owners and found that only 400 people owned dogs, you’re now at $40 and the people receiving your mail have a 300% greater likely hood of using your service!

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