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Posted by Rene Bonin on Jul 5, 2018 11:21:04 AM



The basic make up (and cost) of a Direct Mail campaign is comprised of 3 items.
Design Cost, Print Cost and Postage Cost.  If you’ve already read our How Much Does it Cost to Send 1,000 Postcards blog, you understand the combined Print/Postage cost per thousand for 9 x 6 mailer on 120# Card Stock.  Below is a quick illustration of postage cost only for the same 1,000 pcs.

To break this down

Price Chart2-1


If you factor in 2 hrs of design time at $75/hr* and .14¢ per piece for Digital Print, Finishing and Distribution, a complete 1000 piece mailing “All-In” should run you in the area of:

Price Chart1-1


*You can save on design fees by using the AMPlified Mail online editing tool. This allows you to design your own piece using our templated system or upload your existing design directly to us!

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