Join the Movement

Posted by Stephanie Polkowski on Feb 13, 2019 4:09:48 PM


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Cut through the digital clutter and put your brand on repeat.

Are you ready to make a lasting impression on your audience?

Get back to the basics:

Discover your purpose

Is your goal brand recognition, recruitment, increased sales, an event or initiative? Define what you are offering your potential customer and what sets your brand apart.

Identify your audience

Target an entire neighborhood with Every Door Direct Mail or customize your audience with Targeted Direct Mail.

Make an impression

Keep your message simple and communicate what your brand has to offer. Draw people in with a catchy headline and motivate a response with a call to action.

Motivate responses from your audience with these essential design elements:

Consistency – No one knows your brand like you do. Communicate across all marketing channels with consistent messaging and visuals to show your audience how your brand will benefit them.    

Simplicity – Less is more when designing an effective mailer. Captivate your audience with a catchy headline and image. Use your supporting message to reinforce the unique benefits of your brand.

Call to Action – Prompt customers to act with a bold call to action. The message of your mailer creates awareness of your brand, but a call to action is what compels the recipient to do something. Your call to action could be to visit your business, contact you for a free consultation, go to your website, or enter a contest.