6 myths about Direct Mail Marketing

Posted by Martha Johnston on May 14, 2018 1:05:26 PM

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People may want to believe that unicorns, Sasquatch and Elvis are still wandering about. We choose not to disprove these legendary conspiracy theories but here are a few myths we would actually like to debunk.   

1. Direct mail is Dead

Many marketers have high hopes for printed direct mail, with intentions to use it in the coming years. Direct mail spending grew 4.6% in 2011 according to the Direct Marketers Association, and forecasts suggest that mail sales will continue to rise at a rate of 2.3% in the next two years.

Mail affords marketers greater reach, allows more information to be communicated than most online advertising efforts, and gives buyers the opportunity to respond to a call to action in the way that they want, on their own time.

2. Direct Mail is Expensive

Yes and no. It may cost more to send out a Direct Mail piece than an email but studies show Direct Mail gets a better response rate. Consumers feel they get too many emails and have a better recall of a brand with a physical piece of mail.  

3. It's Junk Mail

OK,  lets say a direct mail piece will end up in the trash. But you have to touch it to read it  before you decide. Like that pesky drunk uncle that shows up to your house on holidays. Loud but memorable.  An email is much easier to trash. Email Studies have shown that 90% of people ages 25 to 34 find Direct mail is reliable, And 87% like receiving it.

4. Only my grandma likes Direct Mail

Is it old fashioned if it still works? 42 percent of recipients read of scan direct mail pieces: That means that nearly HALF of your target audience is actually stopping, for a few seconds, to read your message. If you’ve designed it properly with a strong and relevant offer/call-to-action, you might achieve a 1 percent, 2 percent or even 14 percent response rate Digital ads, in comparison, are lucky if they get a 0.14 percent ad clickthrough rate — and then, once they get to the landing page, you’ll be lucky if you convert 2.35 percent.

5. No one reads direct mail

They do and it's easy to prove if you include a call to action. Postcards get 4.25% a good response rate. There are less direct mail pieces targeted to homes or businesses compared to the many thousands of on-screen messages we receive 24/7. Research studies have found that 85% of consumers sort through and read selected pieces of mail every day, according to Mail Print. 

 6. It’s hard to do

It’s easy with AMPlified mails intuitive editing tool. One popular way to do direct mail advertising is by running a postcard campaign.  In a few clicks you can design, print, and deliver your business postcards directly to mailboxes in targeted areas. Learn how you can generate new customers and lower your acquisition costs with AMPlified Mail.

First timer or a pro, these resources can make your direct mail successful.

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