The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Direct Mail

Posted by Stephanie Polkowski on Jul 6, 2018 2:05:25 PM

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The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on. It is never any use to oneself. - Oscar Wilde

HubSpot asked marketing professionals for the worst advice they'd ever gotten, and believe me, there are some doosies out there! Here's a roundup of the best of the worst. It makes me want to close my ears to all advice!


What I "must do" or "should do"


"I came up with the concept of Barbie's Ferrari and those on the team said it would flop because girls don't know Ferrari. It was a huge success."

Fred Held, Former Mattel Executive


"I once had someone ask me if we could stop using 'free' in our direct mail."

Donald Seckler, President at Peak Inbound Marketing


"Any advice that begins with 'you must' is suspect. I love taking suggestions under advisement, but no outside adviser knows my business as well as I do, so must is only must when I say it's must."

Michael La Rocca


"The worst marketing advice I get is any blanket advice like 'you must' or 'every company should...' or 'you've got to...' And I really dislike gross generalizations like 'X is dead!' where X = advertising, blogging, branding, content marketing, email, PR, trade shows, or any other tactic."

Gordon Graham, Owner, That White Paper Guy


"The worst advice that I received was 'it's my way, or the highway' kind of thinking and closed mindset."

Beverly BostonSystematic & Integrated Marketing Firm


Social Media is a waste of time


"The worst advice I've ever heard is that social media marketing is not worth the time. Social media marketing requires a lot of work and strategy, but if the effort is put in we find that it is extremely valuable and effective, especially for small businesses."

Trevor MurphyVice President / Business Development at Friendemic


"Bad advice: I've been told to outsource or intern our social media efforts. Good advice: Since social media is a direct link to clients, partnerships, and potential business, it's best to have social media ambassadors who are invested in the company, and support it consciously."

Michelle MartinClient service and marketing coordinator


"Traditional marketing is dead, we need to go with social media marketing from now on."

Richard HathewaySenior B2B Technology Marketer


Branding? Just get your name out there!


"You just got to get your name out there."

Randy Aimone, Content & Inbound Marketing Specialist


"Good or bad, what matters is (they) talk of your brand! "

Miguel SoaresCEO, Partteam & OEMKiosks


"Let others do it."

Allan Colman, Law firm marketing


"What worked in the past will work in the future."

Steve TurleyDirector of Technology Consulting at Bulldog Solutions


Forget marketing... Sales is what's important!


"We don't need Marketing, this will sell itself!"

Lashondra Graves, VP of Marketing and Social Media Strategy at Strategic Decision Education Foundation


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