Industries that can Benefit from Every Door Direct Mail Marketing

Posted by Stephanie Polkowski on Oct 9, 2023 10:00:00 AM

A59347 Amplified Mail Blog Featured Image - EDDM Industries 1950x650-1Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) marketing is a simple, effective solution to help all types of businesses meet their goals, particularly real estate agents, dentists, landscapers and other professionals that cater to local customers.

Let us begin by reminding you about one thing: When it comes to direct mail marketing, ROI is about much more than meets the eye.  

Sure, the ultimate goal of almost any marketing campaign is a financial return on investment, and EDDM may help you do that. However, there are many other benefits associated with direct mail marketing, including:

  • Greater response rates
  • Increasing brand awareness and building trust with target audience
  • Providing educational information to your audience
  • Increasing traffic to your social media pages and website
  • Enhancing communication with your audience

You might not always see the ROI overnight, but you can rest assured that your EDDM marketing efforts are making a difference – especially if you’re all about local.

5 Industries that can Benefit from Every Door Direct Mail Campaigns

1. Restaurants, Caterers and Food Delivery Services

Local eateries can promote special menu items, discounts and delivery services to entice nearby residents to dine in or order takeout. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use direct mail marketing postcards to offer coupons, such as discounts for certain groups of diners, as well as to promote happy hour sales, everyday 2-for-1 meal items or reduced food delivery costs.
  • Mailers to select neighborhoods can highlight weekly specials, which will entice them to continue coming in.
  • Highlight special events, such as trivia night, fundraising events, band performances and karaoke night.
  • Caterers can offer teasers by featuring a different recipe with a mouthwatering photo every week or month.

Additional communications using Targeted Direct Mail can complement your EDDM campaigns. These may be ideal to send to existing customers or your target audience and can include loyalty cards, thank you messages and happy birthday greetings along with a coupon for a free birthday dessert upon their next visit.

2. Real Estate Agents and Brokerages

Real estate agents can use EDDM postcards to showcase open houses, just listed and sold properties in specific neighborhoods reaching potential buyers, sellers and prospective new clients. Here are a few thoughts:

  • Send a mailer featuring a photo or photos of a house you recently sold along with a quote from the happy new owners. Then, add a QR code to the postcard with text inviting potential buyers to see other homes available “today” on your website. (Along those lines, don’t forget to add a sense of urgency in your messaging, especially when it comes to buying houses that move fast.)
  • With a goal of increasing awareness of your services and promoting your skilled team members, brokerages can send mailers introducing new real estate agents.
  • Add a personal note with postcards by sending seasonal greetings or recipes to maintain a positive connection with the community.

3. Home Services Providers

Businesses offering home improvement, lawn care, landscaping, pest control and cleaning services can target homeowners within their service areas to generate leads. Consider this:

  • Include images of a home that you landscaped beautifully and include a coupon for a discount for homeowners who want to make their curb appeal just as gorgeous.
  • Present yourself as a helpful neighbor by offering tips on how homeowners can reduce pests in and around their homes. Follow it up with an offer to help them truly get rid of the unwanted critters for good. Similarly, if you own a home cleaning and organizing company, help them by offering one unique tip, such as the best way to clean windows, and then follow it up with an offer to clean their home for them.
  • As a home improvement professional, keep the season in mind. Remind homeowners that you can help them winterize their homes in the fall, for example, and repair their roofs in the spring.

4. Retail Shops and Boutiques

With shops all over the world advertising to shoppers online, competition in the retail sector is fierce. That’s why it’s important to truly capture your audience’s attention by standing out from the crowd, and direct mail marketing can help you do just that. Think about these strategies:

  • Send postcard mailers to promote sales events.
  • If you carry brands from local designers, be sure to promote the “Shop Local” concept on your mailers.
  • Have you added a designer line, or do you have products that you’re especially excited about? Send a marketing postcard to share the news!
  • Use the postcards to offer exclusive discounts. Don’t forget to add a QR code to your website, especially if you also have an e-commerce store.
  • Tell your audience about a hot sidewalk sale you might be having in their neighborhood to drive in foot traffic.

5. Health and Wellness Practitioners

Dentists, doctors, medical facilities and health and wellness providers, such as personal trainers, can especially benefit from Every Door Direct Mail marketing strategies to the local area. You can use postcard mailers to let residents know that you are “right around the corner” and can therefore help them quickly. Consider this:

  • Send a marketing postcard to announce the addition of new doctors, nurses or medical assistants to your practice. This is especially helpful if you have hired a new doctor hoping to find patients.
  • Use postcards to offer healthcare tips, further establishing yourself as a leading practitioner in your community.
  • Tell your audience about a health fair or free screenings you might be offering.

How AMPlified Mail Can Help You Connect with Your Audience

By combining the features of Every Door Direct Mail with the specific needs of restaurants, real estate businesses, home services professionals, health care providers, retail facilities and many other businesses, you can unleash the full potential of this direct mail service.

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