How do I create a direct mail strategy?

Posted by Stephanie Polkowski on Dec 11, 2018 4:26:35 PM

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Follow this formula for marketing success!

Getting your direct mail marketing campaign started can be overwhelming. Break your campaign into these 3 simple percentages and you are on the way to success.

The first 40% of your energy should be focused on determining your audience.

The next 40% is all about the offer you are making and how you are going to present your product and services.

The final 20% of your attention should go to creative, layout, and method of delivery.

Breaking your campaign down through these simple steps positions you to deliver the right message, in to the right hands, at the right time.

The more you know about your audience, the more powerful your marketing efforts become!

The first step in a successful marketing campaign is knowing who is most likely to be interested in your product or service.

Here are a few quick tips to identify your target audience:

Research your current base
  • Who is currently using your product or service?
  • Consider important factors like age, gender, geographical location, and income level.
 Determine the goal of your overall campaign 
  • Knowing your goal helps you focus in on key consumers and/or participants.
  • If reaching your goal is dependent on income levels or interest make sure you target new audience members who meet these criteria
  • Once you know who your target audience is you can create a strategy and messaging that speaks directly to them and their specific interests.

Improve the odds that your direct mail piece is read!

You can’t send mail without a list of recipients. No matter what type of mail you are sending making sure your list is up to date with current names (when applicable) and addresses is essential to your campaign’s success.

Using your own list?

Make sure your list is up to date with current contact names, and addresses. The best way to improve your lists in home performance is to add “Current Resident” or “Neighbor At”. These simple salutations ensure your marketing message is not only getting into homes, but staying in homes.

Purchasing a list?

If you are purchasing a list make sure you are using a reputable data provider. Find out how frequently the lists are updated and make sure your list selections match with what you know about your target audience. Amplified Mail specialists can help you take the guesswork out of buying data.

Sending EDDM?

The good news is you don’t need a list! USPS provides addresses based on geographical location, income, and age. This information is updated monthly, so you can rest assured you are always sending to most up to date recipient data.

Messaging, Messaging, Messaging

With your marketing strategy and target audience in check, it’s time to fine tune your messaging. Nothing works better than when an image and strong headline come together. Write messaging that will make your customers actually want to read what you have written.

Here are a few quick tips to get you on the path to messaging success:

  • Don’t be afraid to Brag/Boast, tell your audience how great their lives will be because of you. Not how great you are.
  • Always highlight the features, advantages, and benefits of your product or service.
  • Limit the amount of copy you include on your mailer to the important details. A crisp, clean, and de-cluttered mailer will return the best results.
  • Create a sense of urgency to improve response rates. The right call to action is the best way to drive responses

Format is Fundamental

Whether you are sending EDDM or Targeted mail formatting matters.

Determine the mailer size and layout that compliments your overall message. Success is finding the right balance of graphics and text.

When it comes to design, if you feel like you are biting off more than you can chew, you probably are. If layout and design are not your strengths, leave it to a professional. The results will speak for themselves.

On the other hand, if you are design savvy and want to take on the challenge, remember these tips:

  • Understand the audience you want to target and the impression you want them to be left with.
  • Information overload. Be sure you don’t send too many messages or bury your audience in visuals. Keep it clean and simple.
  • Everything should have a purpose that ramps up to your product or service.
  • Stay away from mixing multiple font styles. This creates confusion and chaos.

Keep in mind USPS has specific sizing requirements for every mail type. At Amplified Mail we make sure your mailing meets all USPS print and mail specifications.

First timer or a pro, these resources can make your direct mail successful.

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