The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Direct Mail Marketing

Posted by Rene Bonin on Jul 6, 2018 2:30:33 PM

Direct mail campaigns still remain a key tool in the overall marketing plans of many businesses. When planned, executed and refined correctly, they can be a very effective way of gaining visibility with tangible and measurable results.

Here are a few strategies for optimizing your efforts:

Start with the basics

1. Identify your market: Where will you be sending your pieces and why? The narrower your target audience, the more effective your campaign will be because your message and offer will resonate more clearly.

2. Focus your message on benefits:
 Ensure that your copywriting includes the benefits most valuable to the consumer rather than the features of your product or service. Most consumers value cost, peace of mind, convenience and quality.

3. Create an easy and direct call to action: What do you want the customer to do - call you, schedule a free consultation, come in?  Be clear, direct and frequent in your copy and consider creating a sense of urgency or scarcity by letting them know that supplies or space are limited.

Maximize your impact

4. Direct mail cannot stand alone: Companies that see the highest response rate from their direct mail campaigns are those that integrate it with other marketing efforts. Also, one single mailing does not make a campaign. Be prepared to send out a series of mailings to create a better response rate — consistency is key.

5. Refine and update your list: As you receive feedback and new responses, make sure you keep those records current. Having your sales team connect with existing clients on a regular basis aids in keeping your internal list accurate. If you maintain a retail storefront, get in the habit of verifying customer contact information when they visit.

6. Repurpose: When appropriate use your same mailers for local events, sales kits, handouts, etc. so that you can take advantage of high volume printing discounts. Consider mailing to your vendors as well as your prospects.

7. Make it personal:
 Personalize your messages as much as possible. Do not limit this to just the headline; insert the consumer's name as often as is reasonable. Also, pictures (you, your staff, your trucks, etc.) help to make a personal connection with your consumer.

8. Testimonials are not lip service:
 When they sound authentic and are tied directly to your key benefits, testimonials are a great way of social-proofing your expertise. Including tangible success stories helps to quantify the consumer's return on investment. Testimonials with a picture of the customer are most effective.

9. Follow up: Sticking with only a passive means of communication with your consumer limits your response rate. Whenever possible, follow up with both initial responders and non-responders.

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3 Dos and Don’ts of Direct Mail Marketing

Posted by Rene Bonin on Jul 6, 2018 2:16:34 PM

I would wager that most business owners under the age of 35 probably have never even considered running a direct mail marketing campaign for their business. Having grown up in an increasingly paperless world, the mere concept of spending precious marketing dollars on printing up thousands of pieces of paper to stuff into mailboxes across a large swath of people seems pretty crazy to the younger generation of entrepreneurs – and it’s not a baseless feeling. There’s no denying that the business world (and our world in general) has been dramatically swinging toward the quicker, more efficient, much cheaper, and much more environmentally friendly realm of electronic communication. But does direct mail marketing actually work?

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The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Direct Mail

Posted by Rene Bonin on Jul 6, 2018 2:05:25 PM
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How much does it cost to Mail 1,000 Postcards?

Posted by Rene Bonin on Jul 6, 2018 1:10:56 PM


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How much does it cost to get a mailing list?

Posted by Rene Bonin on Jul 6, 2018 1:00:47 PM

The cost of a mailing list depends on the type of list you purchase. An Occupant List starts at about $12.00 per thousand records. A Consumer List starts at $33.66 per thousand and a Business List will run about $45.00 per thousand records.

Mail lists make the most sense if you are trying to target a particular demographic group, based on household income, purchase history, gender, etc.  Be aware that the more you mine the data, the more expensive the per record cost becomes. The upside of mining is that your purchased list of names may be much smaller and the propensity for those individuals to purchase your product or service is much higher. As an example, if you were a Dog Groomer sending Direct Mail to 1000 households at 5¢ a record ($50), that might sound like a good investment.  But if you mined that same data for 10¢ per record for dog owners and found that only 400 people owned dogs, you’re now at $40 and the people receiving your mail have a 300% greater likely hood of using your service!

Get by with a Little Help from Your Friends... AMPlified Mail!  We can guide you in the right direction for Mailing List decision making.  In fact, we have products that allow you to mail to every home in an entire zip code without purchasing a list at all!  Give us a call, we’ll be happy to assist.

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Planning your Advertising Budget

Posted by Rene Bonin on Jul 6, 2018 11:34:48 AM




When including Direct Mail into your Advertising Budget, here are a few things you want to be sure to factor into the equation.  Some of these items are easily overlooked and are not an option, so it's best to plan ahead so you start cutting into your bottom-line before you even begin your promotion.

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USPS Postage cost

Posted by Rene Bonin on Jul 5, 2018 11:21:04 AM


The basic make up (and cost) of a Direct Mail campaign is comprised of 3 items.
Design Cost, Print Cost and Postage Cost.  If you’ve already read our How Much Does it Cost to Send 1,000 Postcards blog, you understand the combined Print/Postage cost per thousand for 9 x 6 mailer on 120# Card Stock.  Below is a quick illustration of postage cost only for the same 1,000 pcs.

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Cost of Creative Services

Posted by Rene Bonin on Jul 3, 2018 2:46:07 PM


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Inexpensive Small Business Marketing Ideas

Posted by Rene Bonin on Jun 18, 2018 10:08:19 AM

To get customers, you must make a little noise to be noticed. Here are a few pro tips to crank your small business marketing. 

Social Media

Almost everyone is on social media, so your business should be, too.

You can pay for advertising on social media. This will get your business in front of a lot of potential customers. But, this can be expensive. You can also do some free small business social media marketing.

Some social media sites let users leave reviews on business pages. Encourage your customers to leave reviews on your profiles. Then, when potential customers come across your profiles, they will see the praises from other customers.


You can also post content that encourages people to buy from your business. You might post photos of new products, coupon codes, and online contests.


Every small business needs a website. When people do a web search for your business, your website should show up at the top of the results. And if people are looking for products or services in your area, your web page should be among the results. You can improve your website’s chances of showing up in search results through SEO.

So, what makes a website effective? Your business information must be clear. People should be able to easily find your location, hours, and contact information. Your website should at least have basic information about your products or services. You might also have customer testimonials and a blog.

Consider a Postcard Mailing

In the last decade, while the digital marketing space has gotten noisier and considerably less effective, print has enjoyed a renaissance of increased conversion rates and marketing return on investment. Print is 43% less annoying than the internet1. Customers actually appreciate getting a nice postcard, well-designed catalog, or personal thank you note in the mail today2

Try teaming up with other local businesses. You can promote each other’s businesses. For example, you might give your customers a coupon to the other business, and vice versa. Or, you can promote each other to your email lists.

Look for complementary businesses. Obviously, you won’t want to partner with competitors. You might look for a business that sells a related product. For example, a sandwich shop might partner with an ice cream store. 

Vehicle Branding

If you have a company vehicle that you regularly drive around, consider branding it with your company logo and information. A full paint job can be expensive, so you might opt for magnets that stick to the sides. Or, you can purchase window decals to put on the side and back windows.

Sidewalk Signs

If your business is located on a main street where a lot of pedestrians go, try putting a sign on the sidewalk outside your business. You might list a sale or announce new inventory. As people walk by, they will hopefully stop in your business to learn more.

Local Media

You might try getting your local media to cover your business. You can do this by sending out press releases and networking with local reporters.

Keep in mind; reporters won’t cover promotional things, such as sales. You’ll have to buy an advertising spot for those. But, if your business has something unique or newsworthy to share, you might get some free publicity.

Marketing To Existing Customers

Marketing to existing customers is a great way to improve your bottom line in business. You know these people will buy from you, so you just need to turn them into repeat customers.


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Which direct mail option is best for realtors

Posted by Brent Doyle on May 31, 2018 3:03:42 PM

Written by Brent Doyle | @brentdoyle

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First timer or a pro, these resources can make your direct mail successful.

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