How much does Direct Mail Marketing cost?

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The basic make up (and cost) of a Direct Mail campaign is comprised of 3 items.
Design Cost, Print Cost and Postage Cost.  Detailed below is How Much Does it Cost to Send 1,000 Postcards, demonstrates the combined Print/Postage cost per thousand for 9 x 6 mailer on 120# Card Stock.  Below is a quick illustration of postage cost only for the same 1,000 pcs.

To break this down

Price Chart2-1


If you factor in 2 hrs of design time at $75/hr* and .14¢ per piece for Digital Print, Finishing and Distribution, a complete 1000 piece mailing “All-In” should run you in the area of:

Price Chart1-1

 *You can save on design fees by using the AMPlified Mail online editing tool. This allows you to design your own piece using our templated system or upload your existing design directly to us!


How much does it cost to get a mailing list?

The cost of a mailing list depends on the type of list you purchase. An Occupant List starts at about $12.00 per thousand records. A Consumer List starts at $33.66 per thousand and a Business List will run about $45.00 per thousand records.
Mail lists make the most sense if you are trying to target a particular demographic group, based on household income, purchase history, gender, etc.  Be aware that the more you mine the data, the more expensive the per record cost becomes. The upside of mining is that your purchased list of names may be much smaller and the propensity for those individuals to purchase your product or service is much higher. As an example, if you were a Dog Groomer sending Direct Mail to 1000 households at 5¢ a record ($50), that might sound like a good investment.  But if you mined that same data for 10¢ per record for dog owners and found that only 400 people owned dogs, you’re now at $40 and the people receiving your mail have a 300% greater likely hood of using your service!

Get by with a Little Help from Your Friends... AMPlified Mail!  We can guide you in the right direction for Mailing List decision making.  In fact, we have products that allow you to mail to every home in an entire zip code without purchasing a list at all!  Give us a call, we’ll be happy to assist.

How much does it cost to Mail 1,000 Postcards?

There are a few factors that will determine your mailing cost for Direct Mail.

Your Postage Rate: First Class, First Class Presort, Standard or Postcards Rate (6” x 4.25” postcard)
EveryDoorDirectMail®: With this USPS product, you purchase Zip Code Zones, not postage.
Your Print Cost: This will vary based on size, stock, finishing and your Printer’s price per thousand.

To give you a general idea, let’s break this out 3 ways based on 1,000 pieces of  9” x 6” Direct Mail on 110# Card Stock, digitally printed full color on 2 sides.  Includes postage print and distribution*:

Price Chart3-1

I Need to Know!

For a full list of sizes, postal products and and postage options, give us a call! 
Or visit

* Design Services are not included in this illustration.

Planning your advertising budget

When including Direct Mail into your Advertising Budget, here are a few things you want to be sure to factor into the equation.  Some of these items are easily overlooked and are not an option, so it's best to plan ahead so you start cutting into your bottom-line before you even begin your promotion.

Creative Costs

By the time you find a printer, get quotes, calculate postage, select stock,'s easy to forget about the all-important first step — Designing your Direct Mail Piece! Unless you have experience at it, this most critical step is best left in the hands of professionals.  Cost will vary, but expect an average of $85/hr with about 2 hrs of design time as long as you're not requesting custom illustration work or a logo design to be part of the equation.  If you have a website you likely have creative assets just dying to be re-purposed. Be sure your designer has access to your website, as they may be able to extract content and copy saving both time and money.

You can save on design fees by using the AMPlified Mail online editing tool. This allows you to design your own piece using our templated system or upload your existing design directly to us!


Unless your dealing with a one- stop Design-Print-Mail solution (like AMPlified Mail), your postage cost will be a separate line item from your print cost. The per piece cost for postage will vary based on quantity, mailing class and postal product chosen.  Be sure you clarify with your print vendor whether your per piece cost includes postage or not.  Many shops advertise "Postcards as low as 15¢", if you're mailing First Class add 42¢ each to that. Yep.

Special Touches

You want 200# Card Stock. You want UV Coating. You want Rounded Corners. It all adds up. when deciding on specialty finishes ask yourself this question..."Will this make a difference between the consumer buying or not?" If the incentive on your Direct Mail piece is compelling enough all those bells and whistles are likely not necessary.  If you're following suit with your competitors, maybe custom finishing is a must.  Be sure to factor it in, as each unique feature comes with an equally unique price tag.

Quantity Price Breaks

In many cases it makes sense to print more than you initially need to reduce your per piece price.  You may be closer than you think to the next volume price reduction. Check with your print vendor. Some shops will also give you volume discounts if you commit to ordering quarterly or with some level of frequency.  It doesn't hurt to ask.


At AMPlified Mail, our quoted prices include print, postage, distribution and when requested, creative services and mailing list costs.  Nothing is ever hidden.  Ever.  We are a preferred vendor of the United States Postal Service and provide Direct Mail services coast-to-coast.  If you want a reliable and experienced partner to take care of your Direct Mail needs from concept to mailbox, AMP it up!

First timer or a pro, these resources can make your direct mail successful.

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